Auction Terms & Conditions

Please read these Terms and Conditions (“Terms”) carefully before participating in auctions on the Souq Express website. By participating in our auctions, you agree to be bound by these Terms. These Terms apply to all users of our website.

  1. Products Used for Auction: We offer auctions for a wide range of Consumer Electronic Products available on our website. All products sold through our auctions are new and come with a Brand warranty.

  2. Auction Participants: Auctions can be created by Souq Express and vendors who wish to participate. Both Souq Express and approved vendors can offer their products for auction on our website.

  3. Auction Duration: Each auction will be active for a period ranging from 3 days to 1 week. The duration will be specified for each auction listing.

  4. Minimum Amount to Start the Auction: The minimum bidding amount required to start an auction may range from 1 AED to 100 AED, depending on the specific product being auctioned.

  5. Participation in the Auction: Customers interested in participating in an auction must register on our website. To place a bid, customers must bid an amount equal to or greater than the starting bid. For example, if the auction starts at AED 50, the minimum bid would be AED 50 or higher. Subsequent bidders must bid an amount higher than the current bid, according to the bidding increments specified. The bidding increment is usually AED 25.

  6. Payment: During the bidding process, no money is required to participate. However, by placing a bid, customers agree to the Terms and Conditions. If a customer wins an auction, they must make the payment for the winning amount within 24 hours. Failure to do so may result in the selection of the second-highest bidder as the winner or cancellation of the auction. If the difference in amount between the winning bidder and the second bidder is more than AED 500, the auction will be canceled and reset. Payment can be made using Debit card, Credit card, or Tabby (Buy Now, Pay Later). 

    To cancel a bid, please send us an email via the contact page on our website. 
    The final bidding amount will include VAT (Value Added Tax).

By participating in our auctions, you acknowledge and agree to comply with these Terms and Conditions. Failure to comply may result in the suspension or termination of your account. Souq Express reserves the right to modify or update these Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice. It is your responsibility to review these Terms periodically.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding these Terms, please write us at